Bahamian Nights by storylover

When you're young and on vacation, sometimes you get too drunk.  I was visiting the Bahamas with my boyfriend, a friend and her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend happened to be my boyfriend's brother… So, we were basically sister-in-law's, right? The perfect partners in crime. Well, we were staying on her family's beautiful boat and planning to boat around the islands.  However, there was a tropical storm over the course of our vacation, so we weren't allowed to leave the dock.  We didn't mind because we were docked at the Atlantis Resort and had a beautiful boat to enjoy.  Upon our anticipated arrival, we unpacked and then began our evening with a cheerful glass of wine over happy hour. As the sunset while sipping our crisp rosé, we felt quite sophisticated. Eventually we moved on to dinner inside the resort and we upgraded to lychee martini's over sushi and great conversation. Before you know it, we were ordering tropical cocktails in the casino. What is even in a tropical cocktail? Rum, peach schnapps, sugary liqueurs… who knows.  As us girls started really enjoying ourselves, for some reason we decided it would be fun to ditch the boys at the craps table and order shots of tequila at the bar. (For the record, the Tequila was NOT my idea and tequila is NOT my friend.)  In the following hour or so, we ordered shots for an entire college basketball team and made great friends, defended each other in a bar fight and made enemies and finally ended-up at a blackjack table. To my surprise my friend was fantastic at blackjack! Being a focused drunk, I started to worry that with one wrong hand she could lose all her winnings. So, while she drunkenly put all her chips on the table, I was drunkenly sneaking them into my purse, so she could cash in.  Apparently, the boys had become quite worried during our "missing hours" and eventually found us back in the casino.  They weren't too happy, but we didn't care in the moment — sorry boys. As they escorted us back to the boat, I sobered-up into "mom mode" worried that my friend had one or two drinks too many.  My friend went directly to bed and once the rocky waves hitting the boat shook my stomach, I went straight to the bathroom.  (Keep in mind bathrooms on a boat, are quite compact.) This was not one of my finest moments, but admittedly, I fell asleep next to the toilet. YOLO.  In the morning as I awoke, I realized my friend was curled up on the bathroom floor next to me. As we both came to our senses, we realized we were both laying there, cuddling with a towel... naked?!  It was awkward for a minute until we broke out in laughter. A very hungover laughter. We now joke that this moment took our friendship to a whole new level. When I asked her why she joined me in the bathroom, she said she came in to check on me and then thought that the cold bathroom tile felt nice.  When you're young and on vacation, sometimes you get too drunk and make memories of a lifetime.