Day 15 - Don't forget by noybmt

Today I was thinking about how many times we don't do things for ourselves because we are too busy trying to live the life of people around us, too afraid to give ourselves our time or shine our own light, thinking we could lose someone in this process. We just try so hard to fit in sometimes that we forget to do things for ourselves, because we are so worried thinking if we are pleasing the ones around us. I want to believe that nowadays I don't do this to myself anymore, that I give me the same value I give to the people that surround me. I also don't know if we are always aware of everything. Maybe we don't always notice something we are doing at that moment that could be bad for ourselves. Of course we have to enjoy life with others and celebrate everything good the people we love do and accomplish. What I'm talking about here is not it, what I'm talking about is when we forget ourselves to do it for other people and forget to live our own life to please others or to seem cool.