Ash Creeks by creble

I woke up to a loud and annoying sound. I turned over to turn off the loud that was waking me up 6:30 in the morning telling me to wake my butt up and get ready for my first day at school . So i got up and brushed my teach and got dresses I did my hair,when i was walking out the door I looked at the kitchen and thought to myself "hmm should i eat to today? Nah im good ill last till dinner'' I said to myself . I walked out the door and crossed my fingers that no one would try to start up a conversation with me , when i got to the buss stop there were about 7 kids there that looked like they did not get enough sleep or just looked miserable. There was one boy that i saw that was my neighbour I never talked to him but i did the occasional wave and smile but thats was all i really knew . I put in my airpods and watched some videos on my phone, while i was watching videos i felt a top on my shoulder so i turned to be met with a boy with shoulder length curly hair and dark brown hair and nice brown hair and perfect teeth. ''Hey''the boy said ''Hi'' i said " your my neighbor right" he said with a friendly smile ''yes , yes i am " i said "well im Ash , Ash Creeks " he said holding out a hand for me to shake ''Im Y/N " i said while shaking his hand ''well iassume your new to our school because i never seem you around so want me to show you around ?'' he asked ''sure'' i said with a small smile creeping on my face cause nobody has been this nice to me in a long time . Ash talked a lot I didn't mind cause he was entertaining and i even laughed a couple times from the stories he was telling .Then he said "When the bus gets here and takes us to school i want to introduce to some of my friends '' i really did not want him to do that because i'm not really a people person but i said okay anyways cause i did not want to come of rude and what was the harm in meeting a couple new people ?