No more wire hangers! by carmensandiegola

Reversal of Roe vs Wade The Supreme Court has gone fucking cray How do guns have more rights than me? When I’m supposed to live in the land of the free? My body, my choice Do I have to scream to have a voice? Yet their ears are deaf Especially to those of us on the left They are so far right Lacking all sight Hypocrisy in its finest form Claiming their bullshit is the norm Our country is going in reverse Wanting to control my uterus is completely perverse If these walls could talk, they’d tell the stories from behind closed doors Desperate times that led to more Wire hangers, a thing of the past? How much longer will this madness last? I’m indignant, I’m heartbroken, but I’m mostly fucking mad If you aren’t, then that’s so sad Gilead may feel like it’s our fate Yes, it feels like defeat, but it’s never too late We have to keep fighting, keep pushing back Since our rights are always under attack I hate it here, just as much as you But here is where we are, we have so much to do -CCV