Recycled numbers by storytailor

I recently moved to LA and had to get an LA number. Who can live without a cell phone today? So I went to TMobile whom I was told had the best rates. And I wanted a 310 number, owning that California vibe. So I got my 310 walked happy out of the store and thats when it all started getting crazy. I started recieving texts offering to renew my insurance (I didn't have one) or asking Mary to vote for a certain candidate. Who is this Mary? I wondered. I blocked the numbers but the texts kept on coming from different number. One day a call came in from a number I didn't know... it was an old lady asking if Mary was around! This was too much. Now I even felt bad about Mary not having her number anymore... or something even worse. I just called TMobile and they apologized, they said they recycled numbers so there must have been some kind of mistake amd they changed my number. I still wonder sometimes about Mary's whereabouts.