Day 16 - Primero un mate 🧉 y despues existo by smtf_trinidad

Lit como dice el título primero un 🧉 y despues existo. Ya llevo años tomando me unos 🧉 the same amount of años diciendoles a todos por la mañana this frase. Today after a long time not having used this frase, I used it again. Since I am still struggling with the time changes, I have difficulties wake up in the morning and have an 09:00 am team meeting is not ideal. El mate🧉 se ha convertido en mi salvavidas por las mañanas. When people meet me for the first time they always ask me what is that. Y ahí voy yo explicándoles todo sobre el mate 🧉. The next questions after that are always people wanting to know how come I am drinking it since it not common on Bonaire or in the Netherlands. If my mother is around she will explain that since I was little, we would travel around the world and move around a lot. I always tend to bring back with me apart of the countries costums, culture or norms & values. So, you can already guess it that from our trip to Argentina the one costume I took back with me was el gusto por el mate🧉. Recuerdo ese día ese dia muy bien, yo regresandome a Bonaire con un valija extra con solo yerba mate y todo lo que necesitaba. De hecho esto fue un año antes de mudarme a Países Bajos. My mom still doesn’t understand how I like the tast of mate but not the tast of coffee. Ni yo me se la respuesta de ello 🙈😅 Creo que mis padres estan muy convencidos que va llegar un día que me mudó para Argentina por unos años or that I will come home with an Argentinian 🙈🤣 Sometimes I can’t with my parents pero así mismo los amo. Before I go: Be kind to one each other. You never know what someone is going through. Words def can effect someone deeply. Bye see you tomorrow 💖 Pd. For anyone that is drinking mate 🧉. Y’all should def try 🧉 + 🥥 credits to @macabeso for sharing this with eveyone during her Matherapy with Barbara Lopez