A piece of art titled Loved by dee

The tension we felt as we stared, a fire ignited inside of us. There was a vibrating connection neither of us could deny. I felt it, you felt it, even the people around us probably felt it. I stood closely behind you as we both read the passage underneath it. There was a vibe I couldn't deny.  This excruciating feeling came over me I had to look at you. I needed you to look up at me, but you didn't. You continued to read the passage as I drown in a sea of my own confusion. I needed you and I didn't know why. In that moment I feared I had overstepped the boundaries I had set for myself. I was about to step back and move on to the next piece when this hand intertwined with mine. It was warm and cold but most importantly it was yours.  You looked up at me and smiled.  & in this moment I truly understood the meaning of this piece.  •in the offing•