My first kiss of death by boobsko

The middle school slut. That's what they called me. When youre 12 you remember these things as if they were tattoos on your flesh. If you can't fight them? Join em! Living up to these labels was my favorite hobby. The rebel, the flirt, the fuck up? Okay! Challenge accepted. I pushed it so far that I would ruin every relationship and push every boundary 'till I snapped. And I snapped. All people where prey in this horror story. Beware. Luke Neil April 4th, 6th grade year. He was dating my best friend. But their were expectations to be upheld. Easter break in 3 hours. Holding hands in back of history class. Watching Monty Python. Listening to Monty Python kissing Luke.   Only one small step into distruction. Boom. They won.