Loving you by momo215

Loving you Loving you is a constant war. Where there is no winner because one of us will eventually have to surrender for this war to end it. Loving you is hard to do when we say “I love you” is only spoken words with no meaning. Loving you is exhausting because when I’m trying my hardest to make us work you don’t acknowledge how much I’m doing. Loving you is something I shouldn’t do. You are the guys I was warned to not love because of the constant pain. Loving you is impossible. No matter how hard we try there is nothing more than pain. Loving you is always crying while you sleep next to me. Loving you is me getting ripped apart day after day. Loving you is like loving someone who only knows how to love themselves. Loving you isn’t fair. Loving you isn’t easy. Loving you is destroying me. Loving you is all that you are good at.