i am... by jbeans

A while ago, I visited a local art gallery with my grandmother. Something to know about my grandma, she tends to see the good in everyone and loves to lift people up. So, it was not a shock to me when she knew most of the artists at the gallery. I love art, I love to write, paint, draw, look at it, anything to do with art you can find me there. Anyways, my grandmother introduced me to an artist there. He shook my hand and we started talking about his career. My grandma told him that I was an artist myself, a statement to which I immediately disagreed with. “I am by no means an artist, I paint, but I am not like you.” The man laughed, replying, “Not like me? You just said you painted. I paint, too, and I am an artist. Doesn’t that make you an artist too? The only person limiting you is yourself.” I shrugged his reply off and agreed, pondering this later on. I never saw myself as a certain label, I dabbled in writing and painting, but never put it in a classification. I suppose this limited my self confidence, too, seeing as I never saw potential in my hobbies. It was until that moment that I realized this man was right. I am an artist. I paint and draw, so what is stopping me from calling myself an artist? I am a writer. I love writing stories and sharing them with people, so what is stopping me from being a writer? Myself. In life, we tend to see things one way and one way only. We limit ourselves and see these self defining terms as out of our reach. Most of the time, they are right in front of us, waiting to be discovered. You are who you portray to the world, so if you portray yourself as someone capable of greatness, there is nothing stopping you from being that great. (I hope this makes as much sense to you as it did to me lol) I’d like to end with a question. What are you? Who are you? No limits, nothing holding you back. In your eyes, what/who do you see yourself as?