Dear anxiety by momo215

Dear anxiety, Why must you hold me to my bed and tell me the world is a bad place. You whisper in my ear that if someone glances my way it’s because how I look. You tell me I keep wording everything wrong and I stay overthinking that I said the wrongs things over and over again. I make plans with friends but you tell me that they actually don’t want to see me, they were just being nice. Dear anxiety, Why can’t for just one day you whisper you look good in that outfit. Why can’t you just say they are looking at me for good reasons instead of naming half of my insecurities. Why can’t you let me go out without everything you burned in my mind. Dear anxiety, Why won’t you leave. Why does everything have to go through you first. Why won’t you let me make my own decision and not feel so shitty about it. Why are you so harsh on me that I don’t even want to leave the house. Why do you make me panic in any place I go to. Dear anxiety, Why did you show up. I remember when I went to school or work and I didn’t hear your whisper. you showed up and now you won’t leave. So dear anxiety, Please just go.