Dinner Guest by storiesfromdenmark

Given the choice of anyone in the world as my dinner guest… I would choose my mysterious and unknown friend. The friend that I left. The friend that I tried to leave. The friend I didn’t leave. And not because I am a coward, but because I realised that I still needed to learn. That the hours after saying goodbye provided me new perceptions and new perspectives. The time gap provided me the needed time to being able to see things differently. I am still learning. Maybe it’s enough for now. Maybe it isn’t. I am trying my best to let everything floating. How difficult that is. Fighting quotes, people’s opinions, my own perception and perspective. Fighting my own beliefs shaped by the life that is already lived, every experience, every human that has crossed my path, every love, every heartbreak and the expectations from the society of how everything should really be. Fighting my own sight of reality. My world has literally been flipped upside down, and that isn’t all. It’s also been flipped sideways, backwards, forwards and out of this world. I’m still trying to collect all the pieces in order to see the bigger picture. The picture that will show me and us, the painting that We made, with every color, every stroke, every shape, every emotion that we lived through the last 10 months. So if I can choose freely, I choose that person as my dinner guest.