Ticket To Life by storiesfromdenmark

Its funny or somehow tragic-comic that humans, including myself is walking throughout life without ever realising that in our very pocket we all carry this imaginary golden ticket called “Life”. If you have ever visited a theme park or a fun park then you know that when you are inside the park, everything is for you to try. Maybe you are afraid of highs and for that reason you avoid the big rollercoasters and free fall. Personally I am very afraid of highs but somehow I can’t control myself. I have to try the biggest and most scary rollercoasters and whatever there is. And even though I feel like I am dying on the way up and regretting a thousand times, I always end up loving it and wanting to try it over and over. You know how long a turn is taking more or less and also that you will be safe on the ground again soon enough. A theme park is just a mirror of life itself. Life is one big theme park. But very few ever realises this twisted paradox. And unfortunately, most people will first realise when it’s too late in life. Whatever you are dreaming of and whatever you feel like doing, just do it. Jump on the biggest rollercoaster and shit in your pants, but for God sake, Do It! And to be honest! I have no idea whatsoever where this inspiration is coming from. Maybe it is coming from the deepest place inside my soul, to kick me over edge and making me step out of my comfort zone