Monday Night Sermons: Common Miracles by katsmp

In my Sabbath school class as we read through the countless miracles in the Bible, one question comes to mind, why don't we see these miracles that defy the laws of nature today? The bible notes miracles like: time stopping, parting of the Red Sea, resurrection by the touch of bones, superhero type strength, deliverance from hungry lions/fire/ armies of thousands with just a small army of 300. Not to mention a baby conceived by the Holy Spirit; et all. So these miracles that happened years ago, that we cannot even imagine, might not even believe, why don't we see them today? The answer is I don't know. But I’ll tell you what I do know. My brother met his wife in high school. I still remember getting home from school and hearing the phone ring a million and one times because they were in some fight and my brother was ignoring her calls. I can't forget when, (to the peace of mind of everyone in our family) they finally got engaged! They got married, bought a place together, bought another place together, bought a new car, the first christmas they hosted and their first baby announcement. I was elated! My parents, her parents, our entire family was over the moon planning this little bundle of cell’s life. A boy? A girl? Curly hair? Dark eyes? This bundle of cells already had a name, and an entire family waiting to meet them. But instead of traveling down to the uterus, this bundle of cells started growing in one of the fallopian tubes. This fertilized egg that went from one, to five, to ten, to many cells, whose future was planned, whose journey to the uterus no human eye was able to see, decided to stop at the fallopian tube. By chance? By fate? By the mathematical possibility that about 1 in every 50 pregnancies in the U.S. is an ectopic pregnancy? Probably. Math is fun. This journey from the fallopian tubes to the uterus is normal. Birth is common. Babies are born every single day, to be exact- babies in the U.S. are born every 8 seconds. Life happens every 8 seconds. Totally normal! Yet we’ve forgotten how miraculous the sperm and egg fertilization is, how miraculous the journey from the fallopian tubes to the uterus is, how miraculous the bundle of cells in a cramped uterus becoming this living human: with an incredibly complex brain that controls from hand movements to our emotions. with two eyes that are shape shifters when hit by light. with a heart that has a symphony of functions but we only get to hear two notes. with the capabilities of loving, failing, breaking, healing, and doing it all over again, everyday. This miracle of you and me and the people we love is so common, that we ask God to part the oceans, move mountains, save us from lions, get us that dream job that seems impossible, and to give us a miracle when He already gave us the miracle of our lives. Just look around, look at you. Look at you! This summer after lots of praying, crying, and treatments we welcome my first niece. Best summer ever.