Letter (Part 2) by yourstrulys1n_

Do everything in the name of God, for his purpose and nothing should go wrong. Mistakes will be made, take responsibility for your actions, know that it is okay to make mistakes. We learn from them they are part of growing-up, a part of life. Learn from them, keep the lesson and move on. Know others may hurt you, cause you pain, betray your trust, but never allow the feelings keep you stuck. Feel it, digest it, take the lesson, and move on. Is all part of growing up. There will be time you will loose and times you will win. Not always will be your way because sometimes what we want is not what’s best for us. Stay focus don’t loose view of destination. Take breaks, take care of yourself. Care for your body and nourish the soul. Meditate, ingale courage exhale fear. Honor your parents, respect your brothers and sisters. Support friends and family. Always with your best interest at first. Listen to your elders. They provide wise advise. The experience in years that you yet don’t have. We all different and different situations can have different outcomes. Don’t just go for what others tell you. Remember we’re all different. We all have two eyes but different views, never forget. Value all on earth and don’t take nothing for granted. For nothing last forever and all is not promised. Keep your word, Always!. Don’t lie!. Lies is our fears. Stay truthful no matter what. Help those in need without expecting anything in return. We are all brothers and sisters and God is our father. Pray before meals, morning, and night. Be thankful. Discover yourself. Ask questions. Read books. Educate yourself. When sad, angry, mad, confused express those emotions. Don’t repress them or feel embarrassed or less than for feeling this way. Have a journal write your thoughts, express yourself, create, expand your mind, and most importantly educate yourself. Look for answers. If there’s questions there’s the answer. Don’t be lazy, look, search for answers. Trust your intuition. Your soul speaks to you, listen. Pay attention, don’t get stuck in the past. Stay present, and don’t look into the future. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. Enjoy the moment. Have goals. Most importantly, never forget where you come from. Be humble. Love Yourself! Remember.. Truly Yours, ~Mother ps. I love you!